Affiliate Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What is affiliate marketing?

How can I improve my affiliate marketing income?

How do I become an affiliate?

What affiliate marketing tips will help me earn more money?

Why should I join an affiliate program?

Why should I create a custom error page for my affiliate site?

Can an online newsletter help my affiliate marketing business?

How do online affiliate programs compensate affiliates?

What do web site affiliate programs do for me as an affiliate?

As a merchant, how do I choose the best affiliate program for my business?

What internal resources do I need to run a pay per click affiliate program for my business?

What does it take to be a super affiliate in internet marketing?

Can I sign up for more than one internet affiliate program?

What do landing pages have to do with my web affiliate program?

How can I be a super affiliate in internet marketing?

How can I create a good landing page for my online affiliate program?

What can merchant account affiliate programs do for me?

I signed up as a affiliate merchant but the increased traffic hasn't increased my sales. What can I do?

How can I be sure I'm getting all the commissions I deserve? My logs show a lot of traffic but I don't seem to be making much money.

What should I look for when selecting merchant account affiliate programs?

What kinds of things can I put on my site to improve the commissions I make through my merchant affiliate site?

How did merchant affiliate accounts get started?

What can I do to improve my merchant affiliate programs?

Can a newsletter help build my merchant affiliate income?

What are affiliate networks?

Can I use an affiliate marketing network to generate leads?

Does pay per click advertising work with an affiliate network marketing program?

How can I publicize my affiliate network marketing program?

How do network affiliate programs use cookies?

How do affiliate networks track which ads are most effective?

How do affiliate networks use contextual advertising?

Should I sign up for all the merchants on Commission Junction?

What is Commission Junction?

What do I do after becoming a Commission Junction affiliate?

How does profit sharing work?

How should I set up profit sharing plans?

What kinds of things are sold with profit sharing plans?

How does profit sharing differ from regular advertising?

What is a two tier profit sharing agreement?

Should my profit sharing agreement be included in my business plan?

What are affiliate program directories?

Can I make money off my affiliate program directory?

How can I evaluate the affiliate programs I find listed in an affiliate program directory?

Should I buy affiliate guides to get started?

How is an affiliate directory organized?

How do I find an affiliate marketing directory?

Should I bother cleaning up the email addresses I have on file for my affiliate program directories?

How can I start an affiliate business?

How do I pick a good domain name when I'm ready to start an affiliate business?

Can I start an affiliate business without dealing with inventory?

How can I afford to buy pay per click advertising when I start an affiliate business?

How do I decide what kind of content to put on my web site when I start an affiliate business?

What do I need to launch an affiliate program?

Can I launch an affiliate program without making a big investment?

Do I need a lawyer when I launch an affiliate program?

How can I find ezines to advertise my site so I can make more money through my associate programs?

Where should I advertise my new associate program?

What do I need to know to become a manager for an affiliate associate program?

Shouldn't I automatically approve every associate who applies to my affiliate associate program?

Shouldn't I sign up for lots of affiliate programs and put up lots of different ads so I'll make more money?

How can I find out which keywords I should focus on for my associate program web site?

How is syndication being used in affiliate revenue sharing programs?

What does SEM and PPC mean and how do they impact revenue sharing?

Can I buy pay per click ads for a company name I don't own for my revenue sharing site, since I'm selling their stuff?

How can I set up a revenue share that encourages my affiliates to sign up more affiliates?

Can I pay different affiliates different percentages of revenue share?

Do text links or graphic links work better in commission programs?

How does contextual advertising work with commission tracking?

How can I manage commission tracking and make sure I get paid what I'm due?

What can I do to improve my commission programs?

How do I track my sales commission program?

Should I use pop-up ads to improve my sales commission revenue?

How can I entice people to click on a link when they can tell I'm getting a commission for them doing so?

How can I maximize my earnings in my sales commission program?

What affiliate information should I provide on my web site?

In what format should my affiliate e book be?

How can I use my affiliate program information to help sign up affiliates?

What if people share my affiliate e book with others?

What does conversion rate mean in terms of affiliate program information?

What are affiliate magazines?

Are there affiliate books to show me how to put together my affiliate program?

Are affiliate books aimed at the merchants or person trying to run a web site and make some money?

How can I improve the sales of my affiliate books?

How can I make my affiliate information more effective?

How can an affiliate e book help my business?

What should I put in my e book to use it as for website promotion of my affiliate program?

How can I start my affiliate promotion when I don't have much money to spend?

How does link popularity help my website promotion affiliate program?

What should I do to help with affiliate promotion?

What's an easy and cheap affiliate program promotion tool?

How can I fine-tune my site and improve my affiliate promotion?

Do I have to be a good writer for affiliate program promotion?

Should I participate in a link exchange program for my affiliate promotion?

Someone requested a link exchange and said it was a good web tool for affiliate program promotion. Should I exchange links?

Should my program promotion links to other web sites open new windows?

How can I supplement the income from my affiliate program and promote my web site?

How can I use pay per click advertising in my web site affiliate for a program promotion?

How can I figure out whether pay per click advertising is an effective means of affiliate promotion?

Do I have to have a newsletter as a tool for my web site affiliate program promotion?

Do I need a business plan for my affiliate program?

What is a good way to promote my affiliate business in my signature line?

How do I avoid being terminated from a program due to fraudulent clicks.

How can I design my site so that visitors will be more likely to click on advertisements?

How do I get my associate merchants motivated to really work at selling my product or service?

Is it a good idea to join a bunch of affiliate programs and hope they all make money for me?

Do I need to hire an Affiliate Manager for my affiliate program?

Are referrals guaranteed to earn me revenue?

What's a good reciprocal linking strategy to help me bring more visitors to my site?

Is there a way to have an affiliate marketing program without spending a lot of my profits to pay associates?

What's a good way to communicate with my associates?

How can I start making money as an affiliate marketer?

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