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How can I publicize my affiliate network marketing program?

Publicizing Your Affiliate Network Marketing Program

Get noticed! Write regular articles on pertinent subjects and get them published all over the web (with a link back to your site) and send out press releases. Sending out press releases to publicize your affiliate network marketing program has many benefits:

• Consumers are more likely to find your company listed in the search engines
• They serve to get others interested in your business
• If your press release is optimized for search engines, you'll get the benefit of that optimization everywhere it's posted

*Running your network affiliate program takes a lot of work but paying attention details like this will increase your profit.

Can I use an affiliate marketing network to generate leads?

Lead Generation and Affiliate Networks

An affiliate marketing network simplifies the task of managing the lead generation and tracking. Payments by a network affiliate program can be made for more than pure sales. Lead generation is an important activity as well. Some merchants pay for each email address collected on a sign-up form. Others might pay for each survey completed.

Does pay per click advertising work with an affiliate network marketing program?

Augmenting Your Affiliate Network Marketing Program

*You can augment your affiliate network marketing program with pay-per-click advertising. This can drive more traffic to your web site and landing pages, and to the merchant accounts.

In order to augment your web site, you will need to do some research to determine the best key word phrases to bring the most relevant traffic to your site. Pay-per-click ads allow you to place ads on search engine results pages when people do searches on terms you choose. It is wise to choose key word phrases that are popular but not the most high-profile terms (they will likely be quite expensive). You can get good, beneficial value from terms that are near, but not at the very top of the list. This way, you will get adequate exposure without breaking the bank.

What are affiliate networks?

About Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks sit between the merchants and the publishers and manage their relationship. The publisher places advertising for the merchants on their web site in exchange for commission-based sales. Affiliate networks take care of the hardware and software needed to run campaigns, keep track of who's owed what, and issue reports to the merchants and publishers. Merchants get the benefit of multiple advertising channels and only pay for the ones that perform. Publishers get the chance to earn some money through their web sites without having to approach and negotiate with multiple merchants.

How do affiliate networks use contextual advertising?

Contextual Advertising and Affiliate Networks

Contextual advertising is a means of dynamically placing ads on web pages whose content contains chosen keywords. To maximize your network affiliate program income, you might choose to let networks place contextual advertising on your site. The disadvantages are that you do not know which ads will run and that the ads will vary in subject matter. The big advantage, however, is that once you place the code on your web site, it is maintenance free. You don't need to update the ads because the network affiliate program serves the ads up automatically. And, if you change the content on a page, new ads will appear automatically.

How do affiliate networks track which ads are most effective?

Affiliate Networks and Click-Throughs

Affiliate networks track both impressions and click-throughs:

• Impressions are the number of times an advertisement was seen
• Click-throughs are the number of times someone clicked on the ad after seeing it

*The ratio of click-throughs to impressions is called the click-through rate. Affiliate marketing networks may track earnings per click or earnings per thousand impressions to help decipher which ad campaigns are the most effective.

How do network affiliate programs use cookies?

Cookies and Network Affiliate Programs

Most network affiliate programs understand that a sale may not occur the first time someone goes from an affiliate site to the merchant site. If this occurs, however, there are ways for an affiliate to still gain commission if a consumer buys from the merchant at a later date.

There are several different methods for tracking referrals but using a cookie is among the most common. The cookie holds information about a site and is good for a set amount of days (usually around 30). If a visitor goes to a merchant site through an affiliate site, leaves before buying, and then returns again a few days later to make the purchase, the network affiliate program still credits the affiliate account with the commission for that sale (as long as the customer didn't visit any other affiliate sites in between which would overwrite thecookie).

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