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Do text links or graphic links work better in commission programs?

Commission Programs and Links

*Make the most of your commission programs by offering your affiliate text links in addition to graphical links.

Most studies show that people tend to click on text links that are embedded in content more often than graphical images and banner advertisements. Your affiliates can embed text links with embedded commission tracking into the content areas of their web site. Encourage them to write keywords as part of the link rather than using "click here" over and over. The links should be part of the natural language of the content.

What can I do to improve my commission programs?

Commission Programs: Large and Small

Assess the size of your business to decide what kind of plan you need:

• If your web site is small and you are signing up with commission programs just to earn a little extra money or cover the cost of hosting your site, you don't need a business plan.

• If you want to get serious about making an income off of your sales commission, program some time into your schedule to write up a business plan.

• If you're somewhere in between big and little, you should at least brainstorm some ideas on how to grow your site, schedule regular updates, and write some new content.

How can I manage commission tracking and make sure I get paid what I'm due?

Commission Tracking

Managing commission tracking is still in its infancy. If you sign up directly with a merchant as part of their affiliate program, you can either trust them to do your tracking or get some software that will help you do it yourself.

If you sign up through an affiliate network, they monitor things for you. Having a third party involved in commission programs makes many people feel more comfortable. And, it doesn't cost anything to sign up for most networks so you can easily use them for your commission tracking.

Should I use pop-up ads to improve my sales commission revenue?

Pop-Ups and Your Sales Commission Program

One technique to boost the income from your sales commission program is to have an exit pop-up, asking people to take some action as they're leaving your site. You might ask them to sign up for your newsletter , register for your members' only area or make them a special limited time offer on one of your products.

While many people do have popup blockers installed these days, not everyone does. And, for those that do not have a blocker installed, you'll get one more chance to entice them to take action.

*Many people hate pop up ads, but marketers use them because they work.

How does contextual advertising work with commission tracking?

Commission Tracking with Contextual Advertisements

*Commission tracking and contextual advertising can be a very powerful combination.

Essentially, businesses bid on certain keywords and phrases, specifying how much they'll pay per click. Contextual advertisers sign up web publishers to host their contextual ads, offering a recurring commission associate program. The publishers place a small amount of code on their web pages. When the page is viewed, the code queries the contextual advertiser to see which ads to serve up. You might see different ads at different times, depending on who has bid what, how popular your pages are, and where you've placed the ads.

How can I maximize my earnings in my sales commission program?

Maximizing Earnings in Commission Programs

Most people making money through a sales commission program will tell you it's a lot of work. You need to find the commission programs that make the most sense for your target audience. You also need to publish content that brings visitors to your site--without a decent amount of traffic, you won't generate high enough click-throughs to add up to much.

It is important to put some effort into commission tracking. In order to do this successfully, it is beneficial to:

• Figure out which merchants are paying you the most
• Figure out which pages perform the best
• Experiment to find out what style of writing, what web site design, and what kinds of ads work the best to generate a working sales commission program that makes you happy

How do I track my sales commission program?

Sales Commission Program

Signing up for an affiliate network makes managing your sales commission program much simpler:

• You are dealing with one company despite being able to sell multiple merchants offerings
• You've got one check coming and one place to go for advice and ideas on making the most from your sales commission program
• The network takes care of collecting the commission from each merchant and then sends you one check
• Most networks give you a control panel where you can log in and see the summary results of your commission programs with all the merchants at once so you can monitor your income easily

How can I entice people to click on a link when they can tell I'm getting a commission for them doing so?

Hiding Commission Tracking Referral Information

If you're worried that people won't click on your links because of the embedded commission program ID, there are few simple ways you can hide the URL and all the gobbledygook from visitors.

You can install free click tracking software or scripts that redirect the visitor. Another option is to set the link to go to a specific page on your web site (for example and then have that page redirect to the appropriate page with the commission program code intact. By using either of these methods you're effectively shielding the commission information until after the user has clicked.

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