Blend Ads In With The Layout Of Your Site

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How can I design my site so that visitors will be more likely to click on advertisements?

Blend Ads In With The Layout Of Your Site

Designing your website in such a way that your advertisements blend in with the look and feel of your site can make users more likely to want to click on your banners or advertisements.

Too many loud and flashing banners or clashing colors can make the site hard on your viewer's eyes and will make it less likely for them to want to click on your banners. Having a well blended website can keep people browsing for longer instead of making them squint at flashing ads or pages that are too "busy".
Designing your website so that the advertisements blend in to the look and feel of the site will give your site more of an appeal to your visitors. While they will likely still be aware that you have advertisements on the site, not trying to 'trick' them into clicking with annoying pop-ups or flashing banners will lend credibility to your site.



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