Newsletters and Affiliate Marketing

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Can an online newsletter help my affiliate marketing business?

Newsletters and Affiliate Marketing

An online newsletter can provide a tremendous boost to your affiliate marketing income. If you're going to create one, however, make sure that you do it correctly:

• Follow the anti-spam laws.
• Give site visitors an easy way to subscribe
• Don't ask for too much information up front (or people will hesitate to subscribe)
• Provide entertaining and/or useful ideas, as appropriate to your niche
• Consider offering a free gift of some kind (perhaps an e-book about something related to your niche) to increase subscription rates

Your goal is to get people to go to your web site, so don't put all the content in the newsletter. Instead, create a page (or multiple pages) containing all of the content. In the newsletter, use a snappy attention-getting headline in the first paragraph of your article. Then, have a "read more" link that goes to your web site. Track which articles get the most click-throughs so you can learn what people want---and give them more of it. And, don't forget to encourage subscribers to forward your newsletter to their friends.



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