Web Site Promotion to Support your Affiliate Program

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How can I start my affiliate promotion when I don't have much money to spend?

Web Site Promotion to Support your Affiliate Program

*Working on your affiliate promotion should be a constant task--you want to get your web site name in front of as many people as possible.

Remember that domain names are generally not case-sensitive (although individual file names on your site can be). When you publish anything with your domain name URL listed, capitalize individual words to make it easier to read (for example, try reading thisismydomainname.com compared to ThisIsMyDomainName.com). If you are choosing a domain name, consider separating words with hyphens like This-Is-My-Domain-Name).

Whenever you send an email, put your web site address as part of your signature line. And, if you run any print or radio advertisements, make sure you mention your web site address on those as well.



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