Members' Only Area as Affiliate program Promotion Web Tool

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How can I supplement the income from my affiliate program and promote my web site?

Members' Only Area as Affiliate program Promotion Web Tool

*If you have a content-rich web site and you use as an affiliate program promotion tool, consider adding a paid membership section.

There are many ways to set up a paid membership section. You can offer some content for free and add new, unique articles to the paid membership section. You can also take the opposite approach and make the newer articles free for a certain time period then, make the archives available to paid members only.

In your newsletter, publicize the newer articles and say "free for the next two weeks." In each issue of your newsletter, you might also want to highlight a few of the articles that were just put behind the members' only curtain. You'll build up your newsletter list because people will know they need to stay in touch to see your newest content. When people see the quality content you have available, you can charge a modest membership fee for access to the older articles, supplementing your affiliate program income.



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